måndag 12 mars 2012

The year that passed

From March 2011 to February 2012, this is the list of events that Kristallen hosted or were involved in.

April 24th
Lights & Deco at Salon:Pissoir at Warehouse9, Copenhagen
April 29th
Brogatan. Kristallen dj.
May 12th
singsang & Kristallen Entertainment Group present JD Emmanuel, Dolphins Into The Future and Head Of Wantastiquet. Lasershow by Radek, DJs from Tredje Dynastin, filmscreening with Klubb Super 8 at Klaffbron.
June 11th
Tredje Dynastin - Kristallen's first psychedelic dance club at Babel. Live: Madmans Moustache. Poster: Kristian Nihlén.
Moving to new storage/office.
July 26th
Borgen Malmö. Dj-ing, deco and lights.
August 6th
Tredje Dynastin # 2 at Babel. Live: Hills. Poster: Danilo Stankovic
September 16th
Aura 1 - new light oriented club event at Inkonst
September 23rd
Tredje Dynastin # 3 at Babel. Live: Trummor och orgel. Poster: Kristian Nihlén.

September 30th
Klubb Kristallen in Linköping at two locations in Linköping.
Live: VED och Flowers must die.
October 22nd
Brogatan, Kristallen dj.
November 5th
Prejkafest at Moriskan, "Dödens paviljong"
November 10th
Silver Apples live i Köpenhamn. Deco & light: Cissi/Kristallen
November 11th
Feminists in Space, performance festival at Warehouse9 i Köpenhamn. Lights, deco & dj-ing.
December 1st

Klubb Kristallen at Form/Design Center. Cooperation with Folk & Rock and Form/Design Center.
December 9th
Gatukontoret (Malmö City) and party at Moriskan, deco and lights (big room and foyer)
December 12th
Kristallen lights and deco at Moriskan. Arr: ISU/Malmö City (big room and foyer)
December 16th
Aura 2 - light oriented club event/installation at Teatern at Inkonst. Massive deco.
January 12th
Klubb Kristallen at Form/Design Center
January 20th
Fjärran, club by Fasaan Recordings at Inkonst. Deco & lights.
January 22nd
BYOB at Stapeln.
January 28th
Klubb Kristallen recommends:
E.G.L.O. på Klaffbron. Deco and lights.

Preparations and planning Exotic Pylon Festival, London (March 21st - 24th).
February 2nd
Nikolaj church, Copenhagen. Lights
February 24th
Öresund Space Collective at Beta i Köpenhamn. Deco & lights
February 27th
Workshop, by: Kulturkraft Syd. "Kreativ ljussättning" (Creative lighting) at Moriskan, 20 participants. Corse leaders: Kristallen, Smolka & Mikmo
March 3rd
Brogatan, dj-ing
March 11th
Deco & lights, dj-ing

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