onsdag 24 juni 2009

All those things

And here a message from our art sponsor Carpetcomber (John Daily, Stockholm):

Face paint. Bowling Pins. Tights. The animals of Africa. Talking about your own pussy. Pants made out of curtains. Soul absorbtion. Leather worn directly against the skin. Folk-trance music. Butterflies. Colored smoke. Casual lesbianism. Vegetable in cookies. Ankles. Planetary influence on personality. Spontaneous poetry. Curtains made out of pants. Hacky sacks. Frisbees. Strummin' in the moonlight. Telling stories with your hands. Getting a dog before an apartment. The Celestine Prophesy, Harry Potter, or The DaVinci Code. Concern about subliminal advertising. Tie-dying. Working with children while stoned. Fear of lasers. Fire going into or out of the mouth. Jingle bells. Any bells. Feather boas. Drum circles. Dream catchers. Dreadlocks. Wearing mud. Paintings of unicorns, rainbows, waterfalls, or sunsets. All religious, theatrical, and musical productions. "Breaking out" into song. Leg warmers. Beaded anything. Avoiding toothbrushes. Recycling yarn. Prancing about.

These are a few of my favorite things.


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